An imbalance of testosterone in the female body can have damaging effects on a woman’s health and sex drive. Testosterone is a male sex hormone, or androgen, produced in a woman’s ovaries in small amounts. Combined with estrogen, the female sex hormone, testosterone helps with the growth, maintenance, and repair of a woman’s reproductive tissues, bone mass, and human behaviors. Treatment is not necessary if your levels fall within the normal range. Testosterone replacement therapy is primarily beneficial for external hemorrhoids men with low testosterone levels. In one study, people with prediabetes experienced similar increases in insulin levels and insulin resistance whether they consumed 1.8Read More →

More than 50 million people in the U.S. are allergic to something, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making allergies the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the country. High blood pressure does not usually cause any obvious symptoms. We sometimes have trouble putting these boots on our dogs in very cold conditions, but heating up the leather makes them much more flexible. Occasionally, patients will have difficulty urinating after anorectal surgery. IgE antibodies tell your cells to release histamine and other chemicals that cause the classic allergy symptoms when you are exposed to the allergen. Watch out for products thatRead More →